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Power 1 One - biodegradable fast acting rust stain remover

Power 1 one


Biodegradable fast acting rust stain remover


  • Hull boat cleaner
  • Removes rust stains
  • Removes yellowing from fibreglass, stainless steel, aluminum, concrete, wood, carpets and most painted surfaces
  • Contains no acids or solvents

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totally buff


Totally Buff - rubbing compound for fibreglassMarine detailers say, "Best rubbing compound I have ever used on fibreglass."

  • Easily removes medium to heavy oxidation and scratches. Brings life back to colour
  • Removes bluing discoloration from chrome pipes on motorcycles, sand rails, offshore and other high performance engines
  • Removes scratches and scuffs from acrylic, glass, urethane, wood, and other surfaces without abrasive damage
  • Revives fading headlight covers

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quick step


Quick Step - cleans and polishes for a remarkable reflective shineUnbelievable Shine and Protection


Cleans and polishes for a remarkable reflective shine:

  • copper fibreglass steel
  • brass
  • chrome
  • stainless steel
  • silver

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quick shine


Quick Shine - Durable polymeric fast drying liquid cleaner and sealantWash Without Water!

  • Durable polymeric fast drying liquid cleaner and sealant
  • contains no free silicones
  • Easily applied and removed with a buffer or by hand
  • paintable
  • Can be used in and on new or cured surfaces
  • Exceptional results on hulls or decks

Excellent for cleaning or removal of:

  • buffer swirls
  • light surface imperfections
  • bumper marks
  • tar
  • gum
  • insect
  • grease
  • exhaust residue

Use on:

  • fibreglass
  • windows
  • shower doors
  • boats
  • cars
  • motorcycle
  • RV's

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Vitreo - easy-on and easy-off polish and sealantEasy-on and Easy-off Polish and Sealant!

  • Combines the latest polymer technology to bring you the most advanced surface coating on the market today
  • Vitrifies painted and non-painted surfaces protecting them from the damaging UV rays of the sun, acid rain and other air and water borne contaminants
  • Cleaning action and vitrification process is safe when used on today's clear coats, fibreglass chrome, polished aluminum, decals, stripes, exterior black vinyl parts, mirrors, ground effects and much more
  • Will not stain rubber, vinyl bumpers or moldings

Use on:

  • autos
  • trucks
  • boats
  • RV's
  • aircraft

Maximum 1 year protection


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