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  • CAUTION: Power One will cause etching on glass and some aluminum
  • Always avoid prolonged contact with any surface; after 2 minutes, rinse promptly and thoroughly with cold, clean water.
  • Power One is septic safe and contains no phosphates, bleach or ammonia and it’s biodegradable
  • Power One is non-abrasive
  • Power One should be used in a well-ventilated area
  • Always stand on a non-slip surface while cleaning
  • Wear household rubber gloves when using Power One
  • Never mix Power One with other household cleaners or bleach
  • Power One can be corrosive.

To Clean:


Tubs, Toilet Bowls, Sinks, Porcelain, Cement, Stucco, Brick and Vinyl Siding:

  1. Apply directly to calcium, lime or rust stain with spray, brush, cloth or sponge
  2. Rinse promptly with cold, clean water
  3. Repeat if necessary for stubborn stain

Coffee Makers:

  1. Mix 1 part Power One to 8 parts water. Run through automatic machine as if making coffee
  2. Rinse thoroughly by running 2 full pots of cold, clean water through a complete cycle

Caution: Do not use Power One in coffee makers that hold water permanently.


Dish Washer and Washing Machines:

  1. Run empty machine without detergent up to main wash cycle
  2. Stop machine and add one-half cup Power One
  3. Finish cycle
  4. Run one additional full cycle (wash and rinse) with water only to rinse machine fully

Shower Heads:

  1. Mix equal amounts of Power One and hot water
  2. Submerge shower head and soak for 2 minutes\Rinse thoroughly with cold, clean water
  3. Repeat process if necessary


  1. Pour enough Power One into humidifier to cover the bottom
  2. Use brush or sponge to wipe away stains
  3. Add hot water and allow to soak until thoroughly clean
  4. Rinse thoroughly with cold, clean water

Power One will restore older cement and stucco to its original appearance.


Power One will remove juice or coffee stain on counter tops. However, some laminated surfaces (counter tops) are coated with a synthetic surface which may be affected by rust removers; clean spills immediately.


* Do not use on glass or aluminum as it may cause etching