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Our Promise to You

  • Provide our clients with a wide choice of quality products at the right price
  • Offer friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff
  • Stand behind our products
  • Seek value in our dealings with manufacturers and suppliers

We believe our clients have the right to demand VALUE from Atinsco International

Our Strengths

  • Innovative products
  • Ingenious marketing approach
  • Qualified service
  • Unequalled strength in selling
  • Valued very highly by its dealer network
  • Experts in product life cycles
  • 25+ years in sales and marketing
  • 12+ years in distribution

Specialized Services

  • Accelerate and simplify journey from concept to market
  • Obtain legal approval from the Government of Canada
  • Position your product in retail sales across Canada
  • Patent and trademark your product
  • Perform market research on overall markets, pricing and competition
  • Connect your product with dealers/customers
  • Research and provide quotations for Canadian contract manufacturers
  • Attend International Trade Shows across Canada on your behalf