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"Power One is the most remarkable cleaning product that I have ever used. Removing the green or brown scum and sediment from the waterline of a boat is normally a difficult and laborious task. Not with this product. A light application to the area, with 5-10 minutes to do it's magic and Power One removes all trace of these dirty residues with a simple rinse. I have owned boats of various descriptions for over 25 years and have never encountered a product as effective." - Warren Davis


"I have purchased one of the power 1 products...It does one heck of a good job on fibreglass bathtubs and hard water!" - Kim Albota


"I will be sure to spread the word as to how well it cleans. I cleaned my 200 gal. spray rig in less than 20 minutes. Sprayed Power 1 on, rinsed it off. Nothing else even starts to clean the chemical residue on the sprayer. Great Product, well done." - R. James Richards, USA


"I tried your product "POWER 1", It is fantastic! It's great to find a product that does what the ad says it will do! I tell my friends about it. Just thought I would let you know." - Robert Larsen, USA


"This POwer 1 stuff is amazing. I thought we were going to have to get new bathtubs!!! The first 5 pictures are of our tub and the rest are of the children's tub, check it out within seconds...Gone!! Amazing, thank you, thank you, thank you." - Cheryl Schramm, USA


"I bought Power 1 at Canadian Tire in Orleans last summer - we have rust in our water at the cottage - it was the best product I have ever used - I want to buy some more - I live in Pembroke - is there any way I can order this product and have it shipped to Pembroke?" - Rose Mary Jamieson, Pembroke


"So far so good. I've used it on rust on a friend's trailer hitch, and it did as advertised. I also used it on light water line dirt on my boat and it worked well there too. Where I really liked the product was on plastic vent ports on the boat, that were getting really dirty (black). Power One clean that up in no time, with very little effort, I would say to 98% white. I had tried other products on this with little success. I'm quite satisfied with Power One. I've already recommended it to some friends, and family. Very good product, Lynn. Good luck with it." - Danny Lalonde, Kingston


"Your product has arrived and used today on a one year old 26' Campion Cruiser with bad rusting problems. Poor grade of stainless steel used. Boat is warranted by a real hassle to get them to admit faulty stainless fittings. Used your product and worked extremely well compared to anything else I tried. I did take my Braun Electric Toothbrush with me to the boat and that really helped. I'm a 74 year old boater since 9 years of age. Thanks for great service." - John S. Ward, Vancouver


"I used Power One to clean the ceramic tile grout in the front entrance of my house...WOW...made the grout look like new again." - Mark Johnstone


"I purchased a box of Power One at the Gananoque Power Boat Extravaganza in August. I have always used ON/OFF on my 40ft 400ss formula with great results. When I saw your product I was very impressed an now that i have used it, I can only tell you what a fantastic product it is. No acid fumes or acid burns and the end result was every bit as good. I would like to suggest you get some Toronto area retailers to carry it...Thanks again. - Dave Hepburn